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Whats your dream hunt?

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  • Whats your dream hunt?

    I was talkin a little with Dugga Boy about cape buffalo. That a biggie for me, and Griz. Something about an animal that can hunt ya back gets me revved up!
    Well whats your?

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    I like to hunt in the cooler for another bud lite!

    J/K... My dream hunt would be a moose and carribou on the same trip.
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      Probably Iowa hunting a big cornfed buck
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        monster mulies
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          Big Whitetails in Illinois.
          Stalking Elk in the Mountains, maybe in New Mexico.
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            Moose. I have allways wanted to try for a moose. everyone in my family hunts rifle but i wont. so one of these days Ill go for moose with a archery buddy.
            Ty ?
            No ifs and or buts Just maybee.


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              Going on it in Sept. Elk and Bear with my bow. I plan on having an XT in my hand when I stick my first bear.
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                Africa, or AK Yukon Moose / Grizz


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                  definitely a caribou hunt, maybe in Newfoundland or AK.

                  An African Crocodile Hunt for 12+ footer would be pretty neat as well---
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                    If I had money, I guess I would like to go to Alaska brown bear hunting but I have this disease called elkaholicism and cant stop chasing those elk......hope they never find a cure
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                      Some good dreams there!
                      Moose is definately a must hunt for me too.
                      Been thinking of newfoundland for moose and woodland caribou, supposed to be pretty afforable.
                      Im fortunate to have Elk hunting in my "backyard" otherwise Id be right there with alot of ya.


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                        Definately hunting the rut on Milk River with a bow..
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                 shut out this year on my first try.

                          Moose-from the Yukon territory

                          Caribou again-this time with a bow

                          Midwest giant non typical whitetail

                          Huge mountain Mule Deer

                          All I can do is hope just one of these happens in my lifetime!

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                            Takeum what does one hunt on the Milk river? Where?

                            Im sure you and Jerry will get-r-done in the near future


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                              I think the Milk River runs through Montana and there are giant whitetails there. I've seen several of the TV hunters hunt there but it has always been gun hunting.

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