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New Season, New Broadheads

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  • New Season, New Broadheads

    Because as much as I liked the rages, They never stayed closed in my quiver, So I am in search of a new mechanical broadhead to use this year

    I am thinking of the epiks

    what broadhead will yall be shooting?

    and what bow will you be shooting them with

    just want to see what everyone is using

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    Atom BH. I've really done my homework on these and ordered them yesterday.

    could it be a design flaw in the "Nagster" quiver?
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      HaHa No, I think its a design flaw in the broadheads, for 40 bucks there should be no reason these things cant stay closed, and I shouldnt have to replace a rubber ring after I just bought them.

      so Its time for me to move on to something else.

      Im not knocking them at all,because I have seen too many people use them with success, I just didnt have those same results

      I hear the grim reapers are pretty deadly too.


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        going to the Grim Reaper 1 3/4" cut heads.
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          Staying with fixed blades, trying Steel force Phatheads this year. They flew great in my testing, can't wait to see what they do to a deer.
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            well i'm more than likely going with the slick tricks. Very very very sharp, and they shoot great. I'll be hunting with a GT500. To much to go wrong with mechanicals. Some of my friends have lost deer on them. Spitfires are a big NO. If your going with mechanicals i would shoot the Grim Reapers. Everybody i've seen and heard about using them love them. Check them out.


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              If this link doesn't work, go , go to the video section, hunting, and watch the Saskatchewan bear hunt. I shot that bear with a Tekan II. You can also see a Wisconsin whitetail I shot there as well with a Striker Magnum.


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                I'm not giving up my Phatheads yet, but I will be using Silver Flames for the first time this year. They fly just like my Phatheads and look really mean.
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                  Going from slick tricks to rages just purchased some tonight.
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                    Blood Runner

                    Trying the new NAP Blood Runners this year.
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                      I am going to give the new F-15's by Carbon Express a shot!



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                        Ill be using SlickTricks but the NAP BloodRunner looks like a great BH.


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                          Slick tricks worked great last year and I have some Spitfires that need used too. Both have been great performers for me.


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                            Just picked up some Innerlock Stainless Extremes, they are a 3 bladde 100 gr head. I shot them when I got home and they hit dead on were my field tips are hitting. They are lazer sharp as well. Bought extra blades so I am good to go for the season.
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                              I shoot a variety, Steelheads, Sidewinders, but my main broadheads are Montecs and Strikers. Shooting the Montec CS this year. I just love the resharpening capability and durability of the Montecs.
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