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The JUDGE hands out the death penalty!

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  • The JUDGE hands out the death penalty!

    New Years Eve hunt ended up with the Judge putting the hurt on this doe. Shot dist was 12 yards with the 63# Judge, FMJ 400's tipped with a Rocket Hammerhead 2 inch cutting mechanical. All I can say is wow, what a hole from the Hammerhead!! The Judge held on target like a rock and this combo blew thru her like a hot knife in butter. I have a picture of the entry and exits from the Hammerhead, the smaller hole is the entry. Plus I thought you all might enjoy seeing the first Dodge Neon rigged up for bowhunting! I have my big game hoist in the receiver of my car to do the processing. This would probably qualify as one of the "you might be a redneck" jokes! Happy new year everyone!
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    Congrats on the doe.


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      Congrats, nice deer hoist

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        Originally posted by GTO63 View Post
        Congrats, nice deer hoist

        Nice! I've always loved all the Rocket heads and I've wanted to shoot a Hammerhead at a deer but have always chickened out and taken a different head. Now I'm going to put one in my quiver!
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          Congratulations on the skin head, tastey back straps and sausage making for sure. I miss the the 4 blade version of the hammerhead as that was an excellent turkey broadhead.
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            Nice harvest

            Good size hole there for sure. Good shot.
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              Congrats, and nice pic's. I guess that broadhead sure made a heck of a leak. Nice hoist on the Neon but is the tongue weight rating enough for Ill. Hopefully you'll be able to "Judge" it again soon.