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    I just spent the last week in the thorney brush of south Texas at the Callaghan Ranch hunting Hogs and Javi. with fellow members of Team M.O.F.E.A. and friends and I have to say it was a blast. I have hunted this ranch for 3 yrs. now and I love it there are 300 to 600 hunters on 90,000 acres and tons of Javi and hogs. I have conected with several Javi in the past put never was able to recover dur to the brush being so thick and loosing light. Well this year was different. Right out of the bag on Thurs. afternoon Txhunter,Cowboy and myself put a 500 yrd stalk on 2 javi that had made there way in to one of our sendros. TxHunter was running the camera I was to be the shooter and Cowboy was going to take the follow up shot if one was given. After about 30 mins of stop and go with the Javi looikng right at us we had gotten to with in 34 yrds. and there was no way to get closer with out geting busted. TxHunter gave the go ahead and I was at full draw when with out warning my arrow fell of the rest and on to my wrist. So I had to think quick I turned my bow holding it at full draw until I could reach my arrow with my tounge and to my diss belife I was able to get it back into place. I then setteled my 20-30 yard pin alittle high on the javi's back(I was shooting them were BA "Jason" told me to) and touched the trigger on my release. The Elite Synergy sent my HOT PINK Victory arrow tipped with its 2 blade Rage at 310fps stright to its mark and the Javi dropped with a growl in its tracks and spun in a circle trying to get back on its feet but in mer seconds of the shot the deed was done and I had my first Javi in 3 yrs on the ground. I said it on video and I ment it I was almost in tears I was so excited. I sent out many text messages that eve. and I am still pupmed about it. We tried for the rest of the week to get the rest of the group a Javi but with many shots take there were no more taken. But that was not what we all went for. We went to have the fellowship and good times and we had a ton of them and I can tell you I know I will be going back for my 4th year in 2009 and I am sure that the rest of the group will be joining me as well as some new faces.

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    Way to go Bouncer. That looks like one Motly Cru you hang with
    06 Energy


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      You guys have way to much stuff to shoot at down there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Now I must say, this was one heck of a good time. Even though I only took one shot through some brush and didn't connect, it was still worth the trip. Bouncer smoked that javi with his Elite. The Rage blew a hole in that sucker. Congrats again Tim and I surely look forward to next year.
        Elite GTO