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  • #28 for Dad

    Well this year has been very good to my dad. I put him in for the Valles Caldera raffle tag and wouldn't you know it he drew it. There is only 2-3 non-resident tags out of 15 total permits and 2 of those tags go to non-residents who apply with a guide. What is even funnier about it, is he had no idea I put him in. He calls me and says I just got an email that said I drew a bull tag on the Valles Caldera. At first I thought it was a joke.

    We headed over to NM last Thursday and we were able to scout that evening. The Valles Caldera is an amazing elk sanctuary and there are lots of elk. The first day we got into several good bulls but nothing would give us a shot. On the second morning we hiked way back into a spot where we could hear the bulls screaming. When we got close there were 8-10 bulls going crazy. The first bull that showed himself was a 300 class 6pt but he busted us. We continued working into the bugles and we had another 300 class bull at 75 yards. We were both pinned down waiting for something to happen. I looked down to my left and this 5pt was coming on a string. My dad could not see him until he stepped out at 10 yards. As the bull turned broadside my dad drew and the bull spooked. A couple cow calls and he stopped at 15 yards and my dad made a perfect shot. We watched the bull go down. This was my dads 28th elk with a bow.

    Dad could of held out a little longer but he also has an Arizona tag in his pocket.

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    Nice harvest,

    Congratulations to the two of you on a job well done.
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      Nice job to you and your dad. Seems like everyone is getting into the elk this year.


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        Very Nice!!!
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          Congrats to you guys! 28 is quite an accomplishment! I'm still waiting for my time to get my first

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            That is cool...Congrats on the great time spent together.
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              congrats on the tag & the bull!


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                Congratulations to your dad, thats a pretty elk!
                Todd Imiola (Elite Archery Prostaff)


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                  28 elk with a bow is awesome!
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