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    Season starts tomorrow here


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      The gauge will roar in the morning.....with fierce ferocity


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        Just got back from hunting/scouting some new land and I can't believe this cold weather has the big fella's hen'd up Had a lot of fun with some yearlings and a few hens so I had a good time. Gonna try again in a couple days..(wife willing)


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          Nary a gobble Friday morning, then with all the Easter festivities (drink, beat the wife, beat the kids, drink some more, b!tch about Pujols leaving the Cards, and mowing the lawn) I wasnt able to hunt again.

          Gonna try again Tuesday morning


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            Looks like I might need to try flogging the misses so I can get out of the house.

            Where you at in OK? Hard to believe you can't get some gobbles out of all the birds I know are in there


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              NE Oklahoma, the Turkey population has taken a major hit here over the last 5 years with our crazy floods and ice storms. Several of my "go to" turkey spots have dried up

              I gotta spot in SE OK that'll be slam dunk.....still got TONS of birds there. It'll be a couple weeks before I can hunt there though.


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                Can I come too? Will I need an out of state lisence? Are we allowed to drink beer while hunting? Do 2 wrongs make a right? How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?


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                  The law clearly states that you MUST drink beer, out of state licenses are for sissies, woodchucks can chuck 1.5 rick of wood per hour and sorry you cant come on this one......if it were up to me you'd be in though

                  Headed to turkey camp this weekend!


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                    I didnt wanna hunt turkeys in Oklahoma anyways.

                    I'm lying, I wanna hunt turkeys any and everywhere.


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                      this thread needs to be titled 1 homo in search of two friends!


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                        They already reaching around hahahahahaha
                        Impact, Pure, Syn Xt, Sbh energy


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                          Well team.........which is only one other ****ing person But that's ok, at least it's not that fag Bonemonger .......My weekend in Turkey paradise sucked balls. High winds, heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes everywhere. I covered a **** load of ground while I was there and they just weren't talking......or they were all blown away like tumbleweeds

                          I am actually starting to be concerned that I might not have a successful season this year..... I haven't struck out since 'bout 1996......

                          Naaaaaa, **** that, I'll kick it up a notch and expand my ground. Got a few more local spots to hit that hold some birds....nothing like doing a little sharecropping .............Smash and Grab baby

                          Anyway, to the other half of Team Reach Around....good luck buddy, hope yer mornings are filled with gobbles and yer hand is filled with ****


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                            Phase 2 of Operation "be the bird" is now in effect. In an attempt to incorporate "the bird" into daily life I decided today to replace my standard two finger "what's up" wave with a one fingered bird motion when greeting people on the road, convenience stores etc. This move proved to be unwise as it caused several outbursts of anger, dirty looks and a few cuss fights.

                            I gave my accountant "the bird" today when I got done filing my taxes.......I did NOT get a refund

                            I gave my secretary "the bird" today when I left work.....I now have a sexual harassment suit against me

                            I gave my wife "the bird" today when I got home from work.....I did NOT get any p*ssy

                            I gave my game warden buddy "the bird" today to day when I met him on the hunting license may be in jeopardy now

                            I gave my ex-wifes fat b!tch divorce attorney "the bird" today when I saw here in town.....I feel completely fine about her reaction

                            Anyway, operation be the bird may actually be detrimental to my career, cause another divorce, and get me ran off the road in a road rage fit of fury.....but **** it! A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do to win this dam challenge.....even if it means I gotta pi$$ somebody off on the way to EAF Turkeypalooza glory

                            So anyway, learn from my whatever it takes to win, step on whoever gets in yer way..... And when when it's all over, you can thank me

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                              That is some sound advice right there.


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                                A for effort smash!
                                The storms were definitely a set back..birds didn't start acting right until yesterday. I think the best time is right around the corner though...the hens are finally nesting so the boys are looking for love. I should of tagged out twice yesterday but it just wasn't my day for luck. I had a helk of a time so I won't complain...well I'll complain a little.
                                Me and the cuz were deep in the birds and he'd already missed 2 by 8am..a little later the sheriff was playing with his horn at my truck about 3/4 mile away and calling my name on his speaker..WTF!!! We didn't go to jail so it could of been worse. Apparently a family feud is happening and that land is in a trust so now nobody can hunt Started scouting public land and put in about 4 hours watching some birds..that day ended with the birds at 60yds coming straight to us and 2 fellas appeared between us and the birds. I was pretty pissed so I gave the birds the bird and away they went Boomboomboom, boom...nobody went home with a bird.
                                They were scouting from the road and then trying to sneak in and bushwhack em..I'm not against a good bushwhacking if its called for but that was opening day of shotgun and the birds hadn't been pressured yet so that was not the time.

                                I'll get back at em in a couple days!!