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    Well this past weekend was starting like all the others. Getting gear loaded in the truck and telling the kid's I love them and will see them in a couple of days. Sounds normal enought. Well not this last weekend. My brother, nephew and myself were loading my 4wheeler into my truck when I slipped and fell. As I went down I heard alot of popping and cracking sounds come from my shoulder. As I hit the ground all I could see was the 4wheeler comeing down the ramp stright towards my head. I yelled at my brother and nephew to not let it roll back as I tried to roll out of the way. Once the 4wheeler was in the truck and I slowly picked my self up off the ground. I was thankfull that my brother and nephew were there to help or the out come could have been really bad. A short time later we headed out to the lease and I could feel a little pain in my left shoulder but I figured it would be OK. After getting to camp and getting to bed we woke up the next moring around 5 a.m. and I was felling a lot of pain but I am a male and that wont stop me. I hunted my tree and saw nothing that morning. Until I had gotten down and was colllecting my Doe in Heat scent wicks and I almost steped on a skunk. I stood still and waited for him to move on out away from me a bit and THAWAK right behind the ear. I have always wanted a skunk mount(LOVE YOU BABY). After the shot I thought to myself man the really hurt my shoulder.But oh well life goes on.We slept for most the day and it was great. I headed back to the stand around 4:30 p.m. and sat till dark and still no deer. Sunday morning came and I was up and ready to go at it again even with the sharp pain in my shoulder.I got to the stand alittle earlier that I normaly do(Daylight Savings). So I sat in the dark and looked at the stars. When all of a sudden I hear crunching on corn. I slowly stood up and looken behind me and see a black boar standing and peeing in my hand corn. I turned on the camera then the night vision. I then reached for my Synergy and got ready for the shot. I looked at the view finder to see if the hog was in screen but I could not see anything. So I figured I would goahead and take the shot and hope for the best. I stared to come to fulldraw and felt a really bad pain in my shoulder but I grunted my way threw it and setteled my 20yrd. pin on the shoulder of the boar
    (Yes I said shoulder). I touched the release and the Synergy unleashed all its might into the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter tipped with a 100 grain RAGE 2 Blade which struck its mark.I watched my luminok ran circles in the field next to my stand and then stopped. My hog was dead and did not run over 30yrds. from where it was shot.It was still early so i sat and waited to see if any deer would show up but they never did. After getting my pic's done and the hog ready to go to the processo we loaded up and headed to the house. Now I know that you might have heard me say a few time that my shoulder was hurting off and on. Well I ended up in the ER after I got home and I now am in a slin waitng to get in to see an Orthapidec D. to see just how bad my shoulder is. The ER told me that my rotator cuff is torn and I have a secer AC seperation. So PLEASE when dealing with ATV's becareful and stay safe.

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    Nice work!


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      Good job on the pig and skunk! Truely sorry to hear about the shoulder.
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        Congrats on the critters. Good story too.
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          very nice job
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            Great Hog! Hope you have a speedy recovery,,,,
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              dont let Tim fool ya....even injured he could still pull a 100lb bow if he wanted. he's a monster!