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Ready for Deer Season!!!!

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  • Ready for Deer Season!!!!

    I decided to step out to the front yard and see how my montecs were flying. I'm shooting an 08 GTO ninja 27.5"/60# with CX Maxima Hunter 250s and 100 grn Montecs. I first shot at 25 yards just to see how they were flying compared to my field points, they were dead on. I backed up to 40 yards and got the same result. Then I backed up the target up to 50 yards and shot again. The bottom line is that I'm shooting 3-4" groups at 50 yards with broadheads which is great for me. I have just under 3 weeks to go before the start of bow season here in Georgia and I'm absolutely pumped! I'm ready to go kill something with this GTO. Thank yous go to Kevin and his entire team at Elite for producing such great bows and to Steve r for showing me just how good Elite bows are.

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    That Sounds Great To Me Ive Had The Itch To Go Hunting For Weeks Now But Still Got Over A Month And Its Getting Harder And Harder
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      I can't wait!


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        I should be hunting by next Friday in the Rockies. Now all I need is a dumb Bull to show himself.....yeah right!

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          You'll be fine Jeff... That Envy is smokin' it out to 60 yrds....
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