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    On June 1st we received a certified letter from Stingray Enterprises, Kevin and Kate Strotherís design consulting company, resigned from their contractual agreement with Elite Outdoors LLC as of May 15, 2009. In my conversations with Kevin, he has explained that he would like to pursue a different path. We really enjoyed working with Kevin for the last few months and wish Kevin and Kate well. Kevin has been instrumental in the design of the Elite brand and I had hoped he would stay around to enjoy its success. This separation was in no way driven by Elite Archery, it is a decision that was solely made by Kevin, and we wish him the best.
    It is important to note that Elite Outdoors, LLC owns the patent pending twin track binary cam and that we have the 2010 lineup designed and we are very excited about it. We will be able to announce the new engineer(s) soon who will continue to provide the highest quality bows to our customers. They have considerable experience in the archery/design/engineering field.
    It is also important to understand that we intend to continue to set the standard of the highest quality, highest customer service and dealer support. We purchased Elite because of the great bow designs, great cam system and superior quality workmanship. None of these things have or will change. Quality, reliability, accuracy and great customer service will never go out of style and will continue to be the pillars upon which Elite Archery will be built. We have assembled a team of people who not only work in the archery industry, but archery is their way of life.
    Kevin and I intend to leave the door open to a future relationship. Kevin has requested that we shut down threads that speculate on what he is doing. This is all I know at this time, and we intend to continue to bring you the best archery equipment in the world. Thank you.
    I wrote this yesterday and allowed Kevin to review this, thus the delay, he has decided not to comment at this time.

    Pete Crawford