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Arizona EZ Fletch Pro Carbon Review

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  • Arizona EZ Fletch Pro Carbon Review

    Let me start by saying that I've been refletching my arrows for about a year now and with pretty good success. I have some faithful friends that let me fletch their arrows for free :O I started out with the Grayling Arrow fletcher and it works well. I do have some reservations but for the price and my needs, it works well. Ok, enough history, time for the review.

    I recieved a $40 gift certificate to Cabelas this Christmas. Unsure of what to buy I decided to go with a new fletching tool. I had been eyeballing the Bitzenburger and the Arizona Ez Fletch. The Mrs' and I went to Cabelas in LaVista this past Saturday and I made my way to the archery section after a brief visit to the used gun rack. I looked for the Arizona EZ fletch tool along with the Bitzenburger for a side by side compairison. The only Arizona EZ fletch I could find was for a right helical, I wanted the straight version sice I use Predator vanes. So right then I decided to go with a Bitzenburger based on unavailibility of the Arizona EZ fletch in straight. But much to my suprize there was no Bitzenburgers either! They had the clamps in both RH helical and straight on the base of the shelf but no base to the fletching tool. I was upset beyond belief. So I browsed around the archery department and stumbled upon the Arizona EZ Fletch tool in straight. If anyone reading this works at Cabelas in La Vista, please rearrange the archery department, it's an absolute mess.

    Now for the review. It costs just over $40 with tax. After you take it out of the package, you realize it's only worth about $ 7.42. The arms are flimsy due to the design of the tool. No doubt this was in effort to reduce costs and weight. The metal pins that hold the arms to the base can come out quite easily. In fact mine was half way out when I opened the package. All it took was for me to push it back in place with my finger. I decided to try and fletch my ICS carbon hunter arrow. It is difficult to see where to place the nock in the base of the tool. Once installed the arrow is snugly in place and will not fall out. I installed the predator vanes and applied some goat tuff and closed the arms. I hung the tool and let the glue set. The tool does a great job at fletching the arrow. I think some design changes are in order to beef up the arms. Between the arms and pins, these are the weak points of the tool. If Arizona were to make one out of aluminum or even steel this would be without a doubt the best fletching tool for your money. I give the tool a 3.5 out of 5. This is due to the cheap plastic construction. When I purchase something, I like to know that I've made a wise investment in my future. I'm not so sure this tool will survive even it's basic tasks. If my pup gets ahold of it, the tool will surely loose. I hope this helps someone because it took alot of time to write it
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    My first one lasted me almost 10 years and I ended up breaking an arm.. the new one is on it's way.
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      I could see that

      Originally posted by Just 1 More View Post
      My first one lasted me almost 10 years and I ended up breaking an arm.. the new one is on it's way.
      I think they would have themselfs the ultimate fletching tool if they would address the issues with the flimsy arms. I'd also like to see them offer arms in different lengths for use with shorter vanes. Of course if the arms were more rigid, you wouldn't need to have shorter arms :P
      2008.5 GT500 28" DL and 50lb
      Custom strings done by me
      Nock'd Up Productions Semi-Pro Staff


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        I have had 2 of these for years. I bought a set of left helical arms for one. When I swapped out the arms I was amazed at how difficult it was to press out the pins that hold the arms on. The pins on both of mine are very tight. Sounds like their quality may have taken a downturn or maybe you got a hold of a bad one. I like the idea of shorter arms. Lots of folks going with Blazers & similar fletching these days.
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          Mine works fine with Blazers but doesnt like Predator vanes. It looks like the thicker profile of the Predator vane down near the base causes the arms to be spaced farther from the shaft and the arms get a little squirrely and I get uneven spacing.

          It might also be partially due to the small diameter of the Axis arrows.

          The only other issue is partially refletching arrows that have originally been fletched with less than an inch between the end of the shaft and the vane, like on a Bitz. Then the remaining fletch wont fit in the slots on the EZ Fletch and allow you to just replace the damaged vane.

          Something to remember if you use a bench jig at home and carry the EZ Fletch on a trip for repairs.

          Otherwise, I really have had good luck with mine.

          Thanks for the great review.

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            I used one for years and had great luck with it. The only thing I had trouble with was letting glue get into the arm hinges. Gotta be careful and not let that happen, it kinda messes things up...literally!
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              It seems to me the consensus is this is a good product. As far as my pins go....After further examination it appears the new way to install them is to get the pin hot and press it through the plastic. This may not be so but there is tell tell signs of plastic "ribbons" on either end of the holes. I didn't have to use much force to press my pin in. Perhaps that pin got too hot and allowed the hole to become slightly larger? Again the tool appears to be working great. I cannot emphasize enough on the quality though. Granted all you are doing is fletching an arrow but I'm a stickler on quality tools. I'd pay 3 times as much for one made from aluminum and a CNC machine. Although I think it would probably be much pricier than that. Who knows, it may last me the rest of my life. Remember when toys were made from plastic that was really hard and thick? When you threw those at your friend it actually hurt them. Now you could drop a tonka truck off a roof on the cat and it would just walk away. Here I am at 27 reminicing of times past, I wonder what I'll be like when I'm 57. Thanks for all the comments everyone.
              2008.5 GT500 28" DL and 50lb
              Custom strings done by me
              Nock'd Up Productions Semi-Pro Staff


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                I have used one for quite a few years now and I cant complain!
                Works well for me!