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    Every so often I have a problem punching the trigger on my short n sweet so I am thinking about changing over to a back tension release. I went to a couple pro shops and they all only have index finger releases. I really wanted to try one before I bought one. I guess I'll ask a couple questions and with your help I'll pick one out.

    Questions for the whalen hooker
    Since it has a circle for your finger can you wear a glove with it. I don't wear heavy gloves but when I hunt I always have gloves on. Even in 15 degree weather I only wear gloves a little thicker than jersey.

    Questions for the scott longhorn hunter and hex
    Do these click before the release? I really like the look of these and I don't think I would have a problem with gloves because the fingers are open. The only problem I would have with these is if they click. For the guys that shot these which one do you like best?

    I also looked at a couple carters on the net but there are so many of them so let me know your experience with them.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Ive hade a couple carters but the bt i like the most right now is the scott black hole. it just feels good the way it fits my hand. ive been play with the clicker on it but am going to switch it back to no clicker. i get set and them the clicker makes me jump and lose contration. plus once the clicker goes off i know when the release will go off.
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      most not all I believe but several have clicker on 1 side of 1/2 moon and smooth on other
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        Try out a Stan Morex. It's an excellent release. Very, very consistent and crisp. A big advantage to the release is the lock pin which can inserted into the hinge which prevents the release from firing. An excellent training feature not found on any other releases.
        There is an optional clicker you can buy for them.
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          Thats the problem, I can't try anyof them out. I'm leaning toward the hooker because it has no moving parts.
          Mathews Switchback XT
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            I shoot the Scott Long Horn Hex - I love it. You can shoot with or without the click by turning the 1/2 round.

            A great release if you are used to shooting a calliper release.

            Good Luck


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              I ended up buying a whalen hooker. Since I mostly hunt I wanted a release that was as fail safe as possible. If I could have played around with both I might have felt different. What was really disappointing is that I went to 4 different pro shops and the only type of release they carried were wrist strap index trigger. I tried to support my local shops but ended up buying blind on the net. I am happy with the release but I'm the type of person that always wonders if I would have picked the same one if I tried something else.
              Mathews Switchback XT
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                Personally I would never hunt with a back tension release, while hunting I absolutely want to fire a trigger at the right moment - not be surprised when the release fires, vice versa for spots......

                You could go in between with a thumb trigger and fire it using a back tension technique while target shooting and still be able to "fire" the thumb while hunting.

                I use a Carter Chocolate Addiction for hunting and a Trueball HT-3L for spots.....


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                  I have no experience with any other back tension release but I can trigger the hooker when I want. You can pull the release with your middle and ring finger and effectivly use that as a trigger. Really I don't wanna do that because that is the problem I'm trying to solve. If I trigger the release I have a chance at flinching and if I flinch my shot is not going where I aim.
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                    I use BT when hunting & never had a problem. I shoot the best this way & I owe it to the animals I hunt to shoot my best. I use a thumb release with BT when hunting & carry a hinge as a backup release.
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