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  • Another peep question

    Ok, Fury X is working on my GT500 right now. Not having shot an Elite yet I am assuming the string at brace is much tighter than the Mathews bows I have had. I have used without problems the G5 1/4'' peeps in the past. I am not wanting trouble with collapsing due to increased string tension. How much speed is actually lost by using the fletcher 1/4" peeps ???

    Are you guys NOT having problems on these bows with the G5's ??
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    No problem with my GTO, just started shooting my E 500
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      Does adding a peep really matter all that much?

      my fletcher peep works perfectly, I have no clue what size it is.


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        I believe the older style G5 peeps might have had an issue,, But I think they've corrected it by now I would assume,,, No big deal anyway.. It just sometimes Egged out after a few thousand shots... Just replace it if it becomes a issue.. I have had a 1/4" in my 60lb Z28 for over 3 months now,, No issues... Works great too!
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          I sell and install the 1/4" G5 Meta peep at least 5 -1 over the fletcher. Both are good peeps so choose which one you like as both companies will stand behind their product 100%.
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            ask him not to serve it close to the peep, IMO the closer the serving is to the peep the more pressure applied to the O to cause it to egg shape.