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    Did I miss it or is there no search tool for dealers close to you? I have a dealer about 30 miles from me but he has a bunch of 07 Synergy's and 2 Envys in stock and doesn't seem to worried about ordering 08's until he sells some of his 07's. He is telling me it won't be until late December before he orders anything Don't want to wait that long to shoot one. Do I just have to call Elite to find other dealers?
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    I know what you mean. I have a dealer here but if I want a bow I have to order it. and figure out later if I like the way it shoots or not. so far Ive been lucky. I know some day Its going to bite but, the dealer only stocks what he wants to sale. The dealer is a great guy almost like best friends with him. but I cant tell him how to spend his money.

    I would call Elite, or pm Elite Lorna. she can hook you up.
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      The dealer link is on the front page bottom right just above the sound control.