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    The other day while shooting at a doe my bottom cam hit my stand as i fired and put a ding in the string track and nocked the string off.When i got home i fixed the ding and put the string back on if you didnt know were to look you could not see it.i checked the bow out and everything is fine with it but i was going to replace the cam any way till i called Elite and they said a new set would be$120.00 and since i wont replace just 1 cam i am stuck with that price.I was thinking i wonder if the new xt cams would work on it maybe gain some speed or maybe an envy cam beings that im going to have to spend this much money i would like to gain some speed or get something thats a little smoother like the new xt cams anyone got any ideas?If they would work will i have to get diff. strings and cables?

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    How bad is it dinged? Post pics.....Can it be blended and shot?
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      A call to Elite about just switching cams out between 07 and 08 models and the answer was no can't be done but a call to my dealer said it could be done but it would add 8lbs of draw weight onto your bow and would defeat the purpose. Apparently the limbs are somewhat different between last years and this years so it actually doesn't improve the performance is what I'm hearing.

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