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  • AT Price vs Camo Price

    Anyone know what is the price difference between the AT version and the Camo version for a 08 Synergy XT?

    Can the draw length modules be installed without a bow press?


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    PM Michael, or Elite Lorna... they can give you price... i can't remember off the top of my head.

    and yes the modules can be changed without a press.


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      here's all the prices i found from another thread....

      Welcome to the site, here's the MSRP according to Brad

      We sell at the MSRP price from the factory. You may want to check out the dealers (bottom of the main website) to see if you can get a better price.

      Aigil w/G1 Camo $739
      Aigil AT $699
      Aigil Target $799

      SynergyXtreme w/G1 Camo $759
      SynergyXtreme AT $719
      SynergyXtreme Target $829

      Fire w/G1 camo $759
      Fire AT $719
      Fire Target $829

      ExtremeXL w/G1 camo $789
      ExtremeXL AT $749
      ExtremeXL Target $859

      There is a $10 shipping charge for shipping inside the U.S.. Call us for a shipping quote outside the U.S.
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        Bout $40.00.


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          Thanks for the info. I probally make the investment next month, when the shop can get a 60# XT. I tried a 50# XT today VERY NICE. It will be hard to let go of my Ally!

          Thanks again!!!!!!: