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I did it, I joined the Elite family...

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  • I did it, I joined the Elite family...

    Just bought a 2008 Elite Synergy XT. Full G1 camo, new ProLine 452x Strings & Cables, less than 100 shots total on the bow. Should be shipping out tomorrow. I have shot the Synergy XT before and loved it, and found a great deal on one in almost mint condition, so I purchased it to replace my old 101st Airborne that was stolen. I will post pics ASAP when it arrives.

    Really Pumped

    Just thought I'd share my good evening with everyone.
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    Welcome to EAF. You will enjoy this site.
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      Congrats on the new bow. Can't wait for the and the review.
      Did you see the size of that CHICKEN??????

      it's like I'm playin' cards with my brother's kids or somethin'.

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        Congrats. I am sure you will love that bow. Don't forget the pics when you get it.
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          Welcome... and if you bought one... well welcome to the addiction......
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            I had the addiction before I bought the bow. I was going to buy an elite at first when I had my old Ross CR334, but my buddies bow broke and he bought my airborne in even trade for my fully equipped Ross. I had shot the E-Force back then and wanted so bad to buy one, but didnt have the funds, so when that deal went through I was happy.

            Thanks for the welcome. As soon as she arrives, I'll get pics for ya.
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              just 1

              One might not be enough. Congrats. I'm still wantin to shoot the Z.
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                Unless I win the free one, 1 will have to do for now
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                  Congrats on the SynergyXT Very nice bows!
                  No ifs and or buts Just maybee.


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                    You won't be sorry. Welcome
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                      now what camo pattern matches G1 the best as its hard to find Quivers in full G1.
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