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When using an QAD rest?

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  • When using an QAD rest?

    When using one of these rest should the arrow run level across from your nocking point or should it be slightly down hill on a bow like the Envy. Reason im asking is we paper tuned the bow at the bow shop and now at home the arrow seems to be pointing down hill.. maybe thats how it goes but just a little confused.. thanks for any responces.!!

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    I am not an expert, but on both of my Elites the nock is set about 1/6" high. That is what seems to work for me but I sure someone here can set you straight.
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      On both my GT500 and Z-28 the arrow is level, 90 degrees to the string.


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        Well crap, Just what i figured lol.. Still not sure how it should be setup.. Not much for tinkering with things but the local guy has setup so many bows he just throws it together and calls it done. Not what I like to see but help around here is far between. Thanks for responces