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Which one do I keep? TA or Ninja?

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  • Which one do I keep? TA or Ninja?

    I need help guys (and gals).

    I have two 2009 Z28's.

    Both have custom strings, and QAD HD Pro rests.
    Both are shooting great...but I only need one.

    Do I let the Ninja or TA (camo riser/black limbs) go???

    If you have not guessed it, I have a bow addiction problem. Takeum keeps calling me a BOHO, but I think it's a sickness. Although I'm in treatment, and on the 12 step's not working to the extent needed.

    If you were wondering, steps 1-12 are as followed:

    1-12. You do not need another bow, no matter what you may think.

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    Keep the Ta Karbon, less common. Plus it's still a half Ninja.
    Envy #0026


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      sale the camo! The ninja risers are tougher then the diped camo. I had an 06 and no wear on the grip area. My 08 GTO the camo is all wore off around the grip.

      You Dont need another Bow no matter what you think. ( Support section ) LOL!
      No ifs and or buts Just maybee.


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        Ninja all the way!!

        sell the other one.


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          I'm sitting here twitching with confusion...
          Rocking myself back and forth, drooling thinking about what to buy next...


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            Wanna trade the TA for an AT?
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            08 Elite GTO Target Black
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            12 Scorpyd Ventilator
            12 Strykezone 380


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              I have a GT500 that needs to be traded for a 09 Z...this way your not buying

              I'm serious about the trade though
              Dirty Bird Special a Yeti Production
              : 29.5"/62#-LD Pro V-Stokerized stabilizer-G5 Rock 4-pin sight

              29/70# GTO AT edition with Max1 limbs & Yeti side plates
              Apache drop away-Easton Axis Nfused


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                I cannot bring on another Z.
                One is all I need.

                Brother I have the Blue Karbon GT500 project on its way to Scottie/pa.

                SubZero is going to be done very soon so I can't take home another GT500 this year either. (my 3 Gt500 and 4th z28 so far in 09)


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                  Any interest in the trade I mentioned?
                  07 Elite Envy #143
                  08 Elite GTO Target Black
                  11 PSE TAC 15i
                  12 Scorpyd Ventilator
                  12 Strykezone 380


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                    Big Sexy as I call her...

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	cc4814b2a3a2f4588112b3b930d3b105.jpg
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                    I can't trade TPA. Sorry buddy.


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                      sell the all black, keep the camo riser


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                        Mixed reports here...

                        How about my buds Reno and Rat???


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                          I say keep the ninja
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                          THANKS ELITE


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                            Ninja all the way...
                            Elite Ninja GTO 70# 28.5 dl 412 grain Victory Arrow 303fps.
                            Special thanks to::Joe Jacks,Jerry,Jim Posten,Proline strings,JCMorgan,BoCoMo,Git-A-Grip via Bloodtrail,and last but not least Tough Antler Tees all you guys are terrific.


                            • #15
                              Alright brothers...

                              Now I'm leaning...besides what my twitching is causing...