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  • Educate me on the ENVY

    What was the difference between the 1 post and 2 post cams??? Why was the change made?? I have the 2 post on the Envy now and a set of 1 post sitting on a shelf waiting to have someting done with them.. Sould I change them? Is there some/any benefit?
    I have speed mods (black mods) on the way .. I assume the mods will fit either cam.. correct?
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    Just1more... I believe the 2 post Envy's were the earlier model Envy bows that didnt quite meet IBO speeds so the 1 post cams were createde with the Black modules to increase their speed and performace factor.... I may not be correct in this... But I believe this was the reason for the two different cams... The original cams also cam with matching copper colored cams which were considered smooth modules... I perfer the new style cams and modules because of the extra speed you get...But then again... I went to using the Revolution cams now on my Envy so I could get more letoff and comfort while shooting target....
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