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Been killing my bag target

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  • Been killing my bag target

    I have been shooting like crazy lately. I just bought a bag target the other day. I have been going to a friends house or to one of our state parks to shoot but wanted to shoot in my backyard. I have been just plain killing my target. I have been shooting one of my buddies longbows and recurves also. I was on fire with them as well which is bad becasue I just gave up shooting them not to long ago. I get frustrated somtimes when I can't keep my arrows stacked together everytime I shoot. I would go from arrows touching to arrows four inches from each other to barely hitting the target. I suppose the same thing could happen (and has) with a compound I just am more secure with a bow with "trainning wheels" on it.
    Now if I could only get rid of my #7 cams that the bow came with so I could get more gadgets for my bow I would be just tickled.
    Chris Kiefner