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    I was hoping to be able to post pics of my GTO next to a decent buck, but that hasn’t happed yet, so I’m forced to show the bow alone. Thanks to DustyRx, since I was able to buy his mint-condition hand-me-down. I added the Limbdriver, my old Copper John Dead Nuts sight with Fitz Fibers, and then I brought it to Matt at Bearfoot to work his magic. At 65lbs & 28”, she was shooting over 300fps with a 342gr arrow. That’s insane- I’ve never owned a bow this fast! Also, thanks to MiBigHntr for helping me figure out what B-Stinger was right for me. I planned to get the short 8 incher since I’m mainly a bowhunter, but I’m REALLY glad that I went with the foot-long. If you haven’t tried a B-Stinger, give it a shot since it makes a huge difference. Finally, due to all of the great reviews, I switched from Maximas to Victory VForce V1's and I'm glad I did. To top it off, Mindy at Onestringer hooked me up with some killer wraps & stabilizer decals.

    These Elites are a thing of beauty. I love the exposed laminations on the limbs and the finish on this bow. Most importantly, this bow shoots SWEET! I’ve never walked into the woods with as much confidence as I have this season. The rut is right around the corner, so hopefully I’ll be able to post a pic next to some antlers. Thanks Elite- I'm a big fan!
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    Sweet rig! I just need to find a way to get more Elite bows.
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      Very very nice.
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        This thread makes me sad that I just sold my Ninja GTO... I need my Judge to get here asap. That should make me feel better.


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          Nice bow Brian!
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            Matt magic

            Nice GTO...also known GOAT...greatest of all time.....especially when Bearfoot (matt) got his hands into GTO is 67 lbs...350 grains at 313 fps....gotta love the GTO....I dont know why I use her as a back up bow???...maybe it time to take her for a ride.....


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              Nice!!..... I like mine so far. I got some 28.5 mods today out of my mail.
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                great bow, I like mine a lot
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                  Nothing wrong with" hand me downs"

                  Love my GTO,

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                    sweet rig!!!!!!!!!!!
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