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Update on my Z!

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  • Update on my Z!

    You may have seen my posts about swapping the limbs, having issues then swapping them back. After returning the limbs to their original position and putting on a new set of strings I got a perfect bullet hole with very little adjusting.

    Well, this weekend I went to the range to confirm CS with a walk back tune. Let's just say it doesn't get any easier, did not have to make any further adjustments. Everything was on including the sight. I walked the course and shot 3 arrows each at 28 different targets. I can honestly say this bow has never shot better. I was getting them into the X out to 60 yards, not on every target but quite a few. Groups were nice at all ranges.

    To think I was considering selling it...........NOT!

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    Glad you finally got it there...Congrats
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      Way to stick with it!


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        Good to hear its working for you now.
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          After 2 1/2 weeks of trying to get my Z to tune, it is on its way back to Elite to see if they can find the problem. My dealer tried to switch limbs, no luck. Tried changing spacers, no luck. New cams, no luck. Elite sent new limbs, no luck. Pretty much tried everything in the book, and it still would not tune. It kinda sucks, I have had the bow for a month and a half and have shot it very little. I will add that Elite has been very good about helping to find the solution and sending new parts to try. It will be interesting what they find. Oops, sorry if I seem to have hijacked your thread...I am happy that you have your bow figured out and is shooting great...the Z really is a nice bow!
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