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  • Fired up!

    Finally got the chance to get down to Precision Archery yesterday. Brought my 2nd oldest son's Fire in to have Corey lays his hands on it, and resurrect it. Once again, he worked his magic!!! My son is more than happy with it, what a shooter. My oldst son, who couldn't think of putting down his 2 time state champ bow, had to shoot it. He drew it back, his head spun around about 3 times. He looked back at me, and said, its so SMOOTH, and easy to hold. It feels like I could hold it all day. Than he let er rip. Looked back at me, and said, find me one!

    GREAT, just GREAT, ya know how hard it is to find a cheap ELITE? Looks like Elite #4 will be in da house soon!

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    I know what you mean, i just traded in a martin and alphamax32 for my daughters new GT500, plus had to dig deep to put new accessories on it. The irony of it all is once i left and was out of cash my car broke down, but shes happy, even if Dad might be walking to work. lol


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      Sounds like you have a great family hobby. My daughter shoots crossbow (disabled) and I just picked up a Parker Sidekick for my wife at my dealers shop Saturday. I know it's not an Elite, but it is a great starter for her. My son is itching to get it on as well.