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New stab on the way!

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  • New stab on the way!

    Just talked to Rick last night and my 11" Elite stab arrived an I will have it on my hunter here shortly!
    This is my first long stab, I have always used short little guys more for shock and so I am excited to see how this helps my shooting.

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    I think you will like it! Should of tried it out my self. lol!
    No ifs and or buts Just maybee.


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      Originally posted by Maybee-R View Post
      I think you will like it! Should of tried it out my self. lol!
      Don't be surprised if it is Maybee-approved by the time you get it


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        ha ha ha, Sneeky guy isn't he? RICK** ** RICK


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          I love my 11" snow camo'd elite stab

          perfect addition to the bows.


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            You're going to love shooting with the stabilizer.

            It makes a big difference for me, and I use the short ones.
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              I prefer the 11 and 12 inch stabs. I'm gonna put two BowJax stacked to get to 12". Gonna look tough on my Ninja PURE.....
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