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  • Bow on the way.

    Well, I broke down and bought a Judge. I was wanting a Pulse but at the price of the Judge I just couldn't say no. Anywho, it should be here in a week or however long it takes UPS to get it here from NY and I don't think I'm gonna get much sleep till it does. When delivery day gets here I guess I'll have to take a vacation day and run up to RBO and let Jerry transplant my accessories and all that good jazz.

    Now I'm gonna have to think up a name for it as I see some of y'all have done. Black riser and camo limbs: Half breed assassin?

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      So you took the deal on the Judge? too good to pass? Congrats.
      No ifs and or buts Just maybee.


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        Originally posted by Maybee-R View Post
        So you took the deal on the Judge? too good to pass? Congrats.
        Yes sir, I just couldn't say no. I think he may have been wanting $$ for a snowmobile worse than I was wantin a bow and if it looks as good in person as it does in the pictures and how he explained the condition of it, it should be like it just come out of the box.. Can't wait to stick some pigs with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Congrats, good luck with it.
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