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What bow case are you using for the Pure

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  • What bow case are you using for the Pure

    Just wondering what case you are using for your Pure. I need to get a new case was thinking of maybe a Lakewood but open to some other suggestions. I have an SKB like the case but its a little bulky thinking of going to a soft case.

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    I like my Elite softcase! Bow fits nicely and has nicepockets for storage and arrow storage.


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      Besides the elite bag, just looking for a different option. Anyone like the Lakewood's?


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        I'm using an older Balcks Creek bag similar to this one Much less expensive than the Elite one.
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          I'm really liking this one so far. It doesn't show it but there are four more large pockets on the back side. The velcro bow holders are movable so you can secure it or anything else inside anyway you want. I got the version that's green and Realtree APG, so it looks a little different than the one in the pic. There is so much storage in this thing I have to go buy more gear to fill it up. I bought mine at Gander Mountaing and it was the same price as that this is listed at. Good luck.

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