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Are carbon bows the future of Archery???

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  • Are carbon bows the future of Archery???

    If you have shot a Hoyt Carbon Matrix or Element then you know what its like... I dont think ive met anyone that has had bad things to say about those bows... The only complaint ive heard is ''Its too light.''. Which IMO is trivial because you can add weight where you want. They are completely vibe free. No noise what so ever. And hold on target extremely well.

    So i have to ask... Are we going to see more manufacturers use carbon as a riser material in 2012 and beyond??? Maybe even in Elites future??? I know cost is one varible that is important to consider... On both ends. Manufacterer and consumer... But the cost of Hoyts carbon bows dropped significantly in their 2nd year. Is it possible we see full lineups of carbon bows from most bow companys by 2020??

    Lets hear your opinions....

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    I think the cost involved to gear up for making carbon fiber risers would be too much for the smaller manufacturers. The way Elite is growing you just never know. If the likes of Hoyt, Mathews, PSE and Bowtech start bringing out carbon fiber bows at a reasonable price it might be a case of join them or sink. There is still a lot of room for improvement in other aspects of bow design as well.


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      I don't think they will get the cost down for all bow makers to switch to carbon risers.

      I would think the next big change for bows will be bow limbs made from another material.

      The last few years its all about cheating on brace and cams to achive speeds
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        At first I wasn't impressed with them. Finally shooting a "tuned" element I love it. I'm not getting one, but would love to if I could swing it. Imagine a binary system on that riser, Revs?, and that'd be the sweetest bow made.
        I hope that someday we will be able to put away our fears and prejudices and just laugh at people.
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          I thought about a Reved Element too.
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            I know things have improved dramatically with carbon riser and technology but I still have nightmares from HCA and their carbon riser, the shop I managed had to warranty a couple and it took at least 15 risers to get one that would work.

            With that still in the back of my brain I would have to "Pass", at least for now. I have a couple of staff shooters that own them and they love them so I know I will be getting feedback from them, and I hope they are as good as they were lead to believe.
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              They are gonna have to pick up alot of speed before I even look!


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                Yup...not a speed bow, and the valley was rather short IMO.
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                  Originally posted by eros View Post
                  I don't think they will get the cost down for all bow makers to switch to carbon risers.

                  I would think the next big change for bows will be bow limbs made from another material.
                  I am with you. I would rather prefer a true revolution in limbs material-design along with string materials before ...
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                    Originally posted by Karbon View Post
                    Yup...not a speed bow, and the valley was rather short IMO.
                    I will say, that I just tuned a new Carbon Element last night. I am impressed with how Hoyt has been rating their bows and the three 2011 models that I have shot this year has me really considering them as a future purchse. The 2011 grip is my new all time favorite grip of any bow.

                    The finished specs for the 2011 CE I done last night were:

                    27 3/8" DL (27" mod setting)
                    70.5# DW
                    loaded string (tied nocks sets, d-loop, 10.8gr fletcher peep)
                    484gr arrow @ 263.5fps
                    358gr arrow @ 301.2fps

                    I feel like that's pretty comparable to a 335-338 IBO, and that's figured at 27.375" DL. Pretty good for a measured 7 1/8" BH. Go ahead Steve, have Scott get you one, I bet he can probably find more than that out of one.

                    My guess is that the #2 base came is far more efficient than the #3 base cam that they use for 30" DL, which is what they would figure their speed ratings off of. I'll know more about a #3 base cam by the end of the week because I waiting on strings for one right now, should have them in a day or two.
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                      Just my opinion: I dont see the advantages being that drastic over a aluminum riser bow, once you figure in the extra cost. Also I trade bows every couple of years so it seems kinda trivial to me.....


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                        If I had the fund's I would have an all black Element sitting here right now. It's hard to appreciate them untile you actually can pick one up for yourself.

                        The look's are starting to grow on me!
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                          I personally wouldn't own one. They look like a grape vine. When they were first announced i didn't get all the raves about it. High Country had been there done that. Granted, it didn't work out for them. I've just never seen a Hoyt that has tickled my fancy.
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                            I used to be a hard core Hoyt fan .....the Carbon bow was the first time in 10 years they did anything drastically differant ...and its 15 to 20 years old idea ...Via Diamond(before bowtech bought them) and as previously mentioned HCA.

                            I personally cant see manufacturers going to an all carbon line-up ... as their bread and butter are casual archers/bowhunters .... that dont wanna spend $1000 plus for a bare bow and personally when I picked one up and shot it I hated it ...the grip was all wrong and I personally thought it was top heavy because it wanted to fall forward like an APA does. I bought my Pure on the feel of a GT500 ...not the smartest thing to do I know but I am glad I did gamble on it...


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                              Just for the record High Country used compressed carbon risers.... Hoyt is using tubular which isnt even close t the crap HCA was making....