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    I was checking my mod screws tonight they all were tight but one is loose. I was able to turn it one complete turn and I didn't want to go any further in fear of striping the threads. should I press the bow and put a little loc-tight on there. It appears that their is some sort of white substance under the head of the screw I'm assuming its something like loc-tight from the factory.
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    You could and maybe should. I dont use loctite and havent had an issue yet.
    Here is what I do. I shoot about three shots check the mods. then after about two or three sessions of shooting Ill check them again. Never had one come lose.
    If it did I would then use the loctite or wax something to help keep it snug. I think 11 lbs is all you need to tighten them. So think snug but not reefing wheel lug tight.
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      I checked the screw again and it is defently spinning with little pressure being applied to it, so I'm assuming it is stripped. Will lock tight even help this problem. I'm getting a little frusterated over this whole deal.


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        Get ahold of Elite , THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU ! Also welcome to the forum . You can't beat Elite's CS .
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          I had the same prob with my phone call and new mods are on the way.

          Thanks for the best customer service in the industry!


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            First thing i do when setting up my bow for the first time is to take some bow string wax and apply it to the mod, rest and sight screws to prevent them from loosening up. It also prevent rust and corrosion. Give it try it works!
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