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  • New Fire Arrived

    After 11 weeks, she showed up yesterday (Red, 26", 50#) and I got more than I bargained for. I shoot an 05 Allegiance and an 06 Equalizer at 26", both 60#. I expected the Fire to have comparable speed to the Equalizer but expectations were for a smoother draw cycle. I shot all three at 53# with a 288 gr. Lightspeed and got the following:

    Allegiance 273
    Equalizer 283
    Fire 290

    The Fire was the hands over winner in every respect. Much easier to draw than the Equalizer, smoother than the Allegiance, had a better wall, and it was FASTER. After three rounds thru the Fire I was shooting it much better than I ever shot my 2007 Hoyt Proelite. This bow's a winner. I ordered a camo version before I left the shop (60#, 26") .

    Pics will come next week. I'm using a borrowed computer. Mine crashed two weeks ago.

    I'm one happy camper. It came in perfect. Good strings, etc. No problems whatsoever. THANKS Elite!
    2009 AT GT500
    2008 Red Fire
    2005 Allegiance

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    sounds great! congrats and thanks for the info!
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      Azone.. congrats.. I knew you'd like that new Fire.. I absolutely LOVE mine! I like it better then the GTO and the Synergy so far.. I haven't tried the XXL yet, but Im not looking for a target bow anyway... I just flat out love teyh way it holds, shoots and performs in everyway.....
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        Sweet! thats burning some carbon!


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          Congrats and glad you like the bow. I shot a fire at our shop about a month ago, my draw is 29". I already have a regular xxl but shooting that fire caused me to order an xxl with the fire cams. Can't wait, oh and then I come across a good deal on an Aigil, somebody stop me. That makes 4 Elite's
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            I can't wait until mine gets in. 4 weeks or so already.


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              Uhg your not making waiting any easier!


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                Originally posted by Headofahessian View Post
                Uhg your not making waiting any easier!
                I feel your PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Cant wait to see her this is good news havent heard much about the fire.


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                    Congrats on the fire!!! Don seems real reasonable on his prices to!
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