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New Hunter Clearance Problem

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  • New Hunter Clearance Problem

    I just picked up my new Ninja Hunter yesterday and have a few things I need a little help with. First, I set it up with the QAD HDX and am shooting Maxima 350's with some helical fletched blazers. The blazers are very close to touching the down cable which concerns me. Would turning the cock vane to about 1 o'clock be ok? I guess I didn't realize how close the blazers would be to the cable til I was looking it over a little more this morning.

    Another thing, I've read about the stock cable slides on the Elites wearing into the cables. Is this the case for the 2011 bows as well? I haven't taken the slide off to look at it too close yet. If so, what's the best way to go about smoothing out the grooves. I'd like to keep the stock slide on if possible, just looking to prevent any damage to the cables for the future.

    One last thing, my peep and d loop were perfectly straight at the shop yesterday, but after shooting some today the peep started to rotate a bit. I assume this is just a case of the string stretching some? It doesn't rotate when drawing back, just to wear it needs twisted. I'd like to make sure the loop and peep are always straight instead of just having the loop pull the peep into position when I draw. Any tips on how to go about doing this? FYI, the peep is served in and the d-loop is tied tight so it won't move.

    I included a pic for reference of the clearance issue as well as of the peep and loop position before being drawn.

    I appreciate any help guys, I am very glad to be a part of the Elite community and look forward to learning as much as I can from everyone!

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    the string has likely settled a bit. What you need to do is press the bow and add a half twist to the string. shoot the bow a bit and see if that fixes it. if not, keep pressing the bow and adding half twists to the string. until your peep is more or less where you want it.

    Be sure to shoot at least a dozen arrows or more in between adding half twists.

    if you don't have a press bring it to the shop.
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      Spray your vanes with aerosol powdered foot spray, it leaves a white powder coating. Shootyour bow, you,ll know for sure wether or not you have a contact issue. Only problem I seeis the pic looks like you have all white blazers, little tougher. I hunt with all white but always fletch up some other colors for just this reason. Lipstick works ok also, but this is my favored method.
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        My Hunter looks like yours and the vanes appear very close but I have no clearance issues and have the vanes at 12, 3 and 9 like yours.
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          press the bow, remove the string from this (see photo) post and twist the string 1/2 turn, and put it back on the post. keep doing this till the peep is aligned.
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   shop's pro tech is a Mathews shooter and told me they did some extensive frame by frame video testing of the QAD and found that cock out actually provided the best clearance from the rest...which should give you better cable clearance too...just for what it's worth...that's how I shot mine on my Pure until I put a TT Spring Steel on it. Good luck.
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