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What will different mods do?? Help please.

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  • What will different mods do?? Help please.

    I have the Elite Hunter and it came with 28.5" DL. I went to the bow shop and they swapped me out for 29" DL mods which is what I needed. After they replaced the mods the bow seemed to pull harder and didn't have as much let-off. It also wanted to creep on me when at full draw. The fella at the shop mentioned that these were the old mods that Elite made and they had changed something about the draw stop channel. He said he would order me some new 29" mods and that should give me back the let-off that I had with the 28.5" mods. Is he blowing smoke? What else could it be? thanks for your help!

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    Did you try adjusting the draw stops after the different mods were put on?
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      no, but they were all the way back, so I figured the let-off wouldn't get any better if I rotated them forward.


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        Have them check and make sure its still in sync and timed.
        Could of maybe lost a twist or two.
        If not have him order another set of mods.
        No ifs and or buts Just maybee.


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          will do, thanks for your help!