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Consistent Inconsistency and Cracker Jacks Take 2

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  • Consistent Inconsistency and Cracker Jacks Take 2

    I guess the last thread was too long because it closed down.i would like the discussion to continue though as i think things were getting figured out.we almost had real string numbers.

    I am the proud owner of a new Elite so like everybody else I want to get the information on the bow and see what is what.I did quite a bit of reading on this forum and hear from the super-tuners and teh regular crowds.The more I read the more I wondered what I got into when I dropped a week paycheck on a bow.I don't know as much as the super-tuners know but I have a bow press and a set of keys.I could not help to notice my draw was considerobly long.I did more reading and find some locked threads on topics of interest.I read that
    Nealy builds strings that are stretched to 600 or 700 pounds and is blaming issues on BCY.Please grab a shovel Nealy and a pair of tall boots.I then see the measurements on these bows is changing like the NY Stock Exchange.I figured I would call a guy by the name of Michael Carter and get the real numbers as most here trust him.Well what a disappointment that was.I guess the real numbers on these bows are a cash cow for some people and they act like it is some type of industry secret.He will not give me the numbers I need or tell me what size strings I need after Nealy stretched them well beyond what they are supposed to be.I tried to call the Elite custamer service that everybody talks so highly of and I can tell you this that those folks do not know anything about the product they build and told me to talk with a guy named Kevin.I finally got contact information for Kevin and then he gave me the numbers that are apparently supposed to come with a price.I would like to save a lot of people a lot more hassle if you bought one of these bows.The real string and cable length is supposed to be string 55 1/8" and the cable 37 1/2".I guess this might be like publishing the recipe for Neman Markus chocolate chip cookies but I think its ridiculous that these numbers are some guarded secret.

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      I did like he idea about the sticky with the correct string lengths

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