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  • my pure has arrived

    Went over to the pro shop tday with my gt500 just to shoot a few arrows on my lunch break and saw a elite box setting amongest several hoyt and mathews boxes. Could it had to be im the only one on our pro staff that shoots am elite..i look at the box and it saus elite pure black risor snow ap limbs...50 to 60 and 28.5 imch was it...i opened jer up and started setting her up asap...slapped a vapor trail limb driver rest axcel armour tech sight elite doinker 11.5 inch stab and set my peep..i was ready to check the axle to axle and was perfect...nocked up a easton flatline 500...first shot bullet hole next one same result...the bow shots great and im very happy with it so far amd only 3fps slower than my gt...on the same poundage...elite got this bow out quick..they told me 2 to 3 weeks...i got it in11 days...thanks elite for the fast shipment...i do have one question for uou guys that are shooting the 28.5 inch it seems alittle short im goimg to get a set of 29 inch mods but does the draw feel a little short to you guys?
    Elite J

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    I have 2 Pures. Both run exactly 1/4" long. My other Elites have run 1/4 - 3/8" long out of the box.
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