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    Hello All,

    I am new to archery and would like to ask one, perhaps pretentious question. I am 33 years old and would like to know if I am to “old” to think about professional competitions? I know that this depends on many factors (training, talent, psychic, etc.), but generally is age an issue?

    Thank you for your help…


    Kid Moe

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    I just shot my first at 39 this year. Archery is a sport that doesn't see your age.


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      It is all about the time you put in and natural ability. Training will only get you so far, but far enough to be very competetive..
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        Thank you for your prompt replies. There are only few archery clubs in Serbia (where I am from) and I had difficulties to find the right one. I was always very competitive in everything I did and I just wandered if there would be a possibility to compete on national or some other levels even if I start at the age of 33. Off course it is implied that a person needs to train a lot and to have certain abilities.

        As I see from you replies, if want to compete on a professional level, age is the least of my worries.


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          If your starting out new, find a suitable instructor. Starting with the right form and a bow that is best suited for the competitions you will be in, and set up correctly! Most of all, have fun with it.


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            Arguably, the best archer in the world today in FITA competition is Roger Willet, Jr., who I believe is 52. He's rattled off three gold medals in a row, which is unprecedented in the FITA world.
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              I have just seen what professional archers do on tournaments (Koreans as well) and realized something very important... I'll stick to just having fun with archery and spending quality time with my kids... I will leave professional competitions to those obviously deranged individuals who hit peanuts from the distance of 30 meters...

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                I'll be 43 in a few days, and I try to get to as many "big" shoots as I can. Next year I will be hitting all 5 major shoots(NFAA), plus maybe a few FITA events, time permitting from work!! Your never to young, and never to old. Just get out, and enjoy it. Set a realistic goal, and let 'um fly!!
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                  My friends have told me I should start shooting competatively, right now I am 51, I'll be 52 next week. I love shooting 3D and shoot as many local shoots as I can, but I don't feel myself that I am "that good" and I am having so much fun doing what I do, that I don't feel I need the presure of the tournaments and time spent away from the family. I am sure there are many really great archers that could compete, and even win, that feel the same. That said, I would love to see one of my kids become a tournament archer one day!
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                    Originally posted by ntypicl11 View Post
                    I just shot my first at 39 this year. Archery is a sport that doesn't see your age.

                    Too funny I also started shooting competitions at age 39! Wish I had started a long long time ago. It's a lot of fun.

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