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  • GT 500 ...Answer comparison

    I would love to hear a comparison from someone who has shot both. I am about to purchase a Elite again...I had a 2009 GT500 and I have shot a different bow the last 2 years....I loved my GT 500. So i dont know whether to buy the GT or the one within a hundred miles of me has an answer yet or I would just go shoot on.

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    I'm picking mine up on Wednesday...I'll shoot it more later this week and post a little something.

    I'm ASSuming...

    The answer is a little smoother, more valley, less noise but a little slower.
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      I have owned atleast 5 or 6 GT 500's they were my favorite elite, tried several companies over the last 2 years, but decided to give the answer a try.

      So far the answer to me has dealt with all the things that i did not like about the 500, hand shock and draw cycle. The answer is as smooth as a z28, and the deadest in hand out of any elite Ive owned, it dosent have a kick at the end of the shot.


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        You really need to shoot one. I can tell you all about it but it would be my opinion and might not be yours.
        I think its more quiet less feel on the shot and with smooth mods close to the same speeds. Not knowing yet about the speed mods which would make it one of the faster 7 inch brace bow from Elite ever. next to the GTO and the king the ENVY.
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          I was minutes away from finding out today. An Answer sold on AT for $600 this morning but cicero swooped in and got the deal done. I was buying it without ever shooting one. I plan on shooting one next week when back in IL. You can tell by my signature that the GT has a place in our home but I am getting the itch to put a different Elite in the house.
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            just so happens i shot both tonight the gt5 is deffinatly a shooter but i will be getting the 70 lbs answer even the owner of the gt5 wants an answer. most shock free bow elite has put out yet! fastes 60lbs bow ive seen. with smooth mods also. just to be honest with you id love to own both but ill go with the answer and im trying to sell an envy to get one !!!!
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