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XLR shooters...arrow dilemma...?

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  • XLR shooters...arrow dilemma...?

    OK. I have decided for sure that I am going to get an 2009 XLR with 28" Cudas. It's gonna be a target only bow. Prolly not 3D, but just FITA-ish long-range shooting and mabey even indoor with diff. arrows......

    Here is my dilemma: I also have a Pure that's gonna be my 3D bow. It will be shooting 26.25" Easton Flatline 400's at 7.4gpi with CB bushings and inserts, "GEE" nocks, 100gr. points, plus fletching. Arrows weigh just shy of 340gr. finished weight.

    Great 3D arrows for me, but I don't know anything about FITA-type shooting. Do you think this would be a good arrow weight for right around 60#'s? The spine should be just on the border. (about as stiff as you'd want to go...?) What do you guys recommend as a good arrow weight for this type of shooting? If the numbers work out, I would love to use the same arrows for my XLR as I do for my Pure...

    So what are ya'll using?

    BTW. I am an Easton Fanboy and I will not shoot any other arrows. Call me crazy, but that's just how it's gonna be...
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    I shoot carbon express predator 2 45/60 (.400) that weigh about 345gr's and do well at long distances to 110 yards. More importantly is to consider the FOC. Mine are at 10% with a 75 grain tip which is fine. I know 12% or more would be more optimal but I also shoot 3d so I don't want to lose too much speed with a heavier tip.

    What FOC are your arrows? Your arrows sound good to go and well balanced. Give them a try and see what happens and report back.
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      Here are a couple pics of the CBE range adjustments on my XLR from 20-100 yards. As I mentioned, max out the UP adjustment as much as possible for your 20 yard zero and you'll have plenty to make it out to 100+ yards.

      Sorry for 2nd pic that's upside down. iPhone is tweaking out.


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        A/C arrows

        I would recommend one of the A/C arrows, A/C/C, A/C/G, etc. depending on your budget. I shoot an 09 XLR w/ 28" cudas too but ~57#. Right now I'm shooting ACG 480's, 28" w/ 120 gr points. I used to shoot ACC 3-39's with 70 gr points.

        That said, a good friend of mine has had great luck with the Carbon One arrows.
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          I know FOC is important and that's why I use 100 gr. tips. I have not bothered to measure/calculate the FOC on those arrows yet, but I'll get around to it. Also, I know spine is important too. I don't want to be overspined, which is another reason for the 100's.

          My hunting arrows are usually about 12% and they fly great at that foc.

          Thanks for the pics Outlaw.

          Oh, I would love to get some A/C/G's or A/C/E's, but I just can't justify it at this point. If I get to where I feel effective enough with my current arrows, I'll probably upgrade. Just not ready at this point....

          Thanks everyone,

          Furr: ---- GT500 AP 28/63
          Foam: --- XLR Ninja 28/63
          Paper: --- XLR Ninja 28/55