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Is it wrong to come to Elite forum and mention another bow?

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    don't rile up us Okies will bust out our buffalo briefs and have us a war party headed that way of course after we take some peyote consume large amonts or fire water sleep off hangover discuss visions and get grey hound bus tickets.....
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      Originally posted by hyj View Post
      Agreed, but I,m not Pete, or a mod....

      I was a member of another brand specific forum for years. At one time, it was pretty open, but a few people took it too far promoting competitors products and now its pretty well censored. Lesson to be learned for this place, cause I applaud just how much the mods let things flow here.
      This forum is really loose compared to other manufactures. Back in 2005-06 I posted a question in the Mathews forum about my SBXT wearing the serving out where the cam rolled over. I wanted to know what I could do to help it last longer. Instead of getting help the thread was deleted. Then I posted about my center shot being off, again deleted. Meanwhile here the owner of the company would see my problem and would help me out.
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        My personal feeling is if a thread is comparing an Elite to another brand, that is fine. I think when a thread is asking for opinions on another manufacturer, that is taking it too far. This is the most tolerant manufacturer forum by far.
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