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  • GTO update

    Well its been a while since I've posted but I wanted to give an update.
    I have had a few issues with my bow but I'm thrilled to report that everything has been taken care of.(Most of the issues were caused by me)
    I had to get the new cams cause I've got a 30 inch draw and these are working perfectly.
    Elite has gone way above and beyond and has exceeded my expectations every time.
    I want to say THANK YOU !!!

    I now have my dream bow.I just shot one of the best rounds of my life at our 3d shoot last night and I didn't even have it all sighted in yet.

    My wife shot the BEST round of her life with her fire and is actually starting to try and compete with me if you can believe that

    The only problem I have now is my pins are too close together but that's a problem I can deal with

    THANKS ELITE ...........
    70 lb GTO Limited Edition and not for sale
    50 lb FIRE same as above

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    Glad to hear everything is okay, and you like your bow.


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      Two thumbs up for you and the misses...
      Change is Mandatory - Growth is Optional


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        Good to hear. I now all about the wife thing. Mine is shooting with me to.
        No ifs and or buts Just maybee.