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On Line "on your honor" target league forming

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  • On Line "on your honor" target league forming

    I am forming an on-line "on your honor" target league. If you are interested in participating please email me at It is for every skill level, scores will be handicapped so every one will be competative. It is free and Should be fun.
    Here are the details are:
    I am going to begin with just email correspondences for ranking and scores etc. I am hoping to upgrade this to some sort of message board where shooters can interact and post pictures of target faces etc.

    Please email me your first score by 2359 hrs(11:59pm) on Feb 1st. Then each Wed after by the same time. The league will run then for 8 weeks, scores being done by 2359 hrs on:
    02/01, 02/08, 02/15, 02/22, 02/29, 03/07, 03/14, and the final score on 3/21. Please email them to me at I will do the handicapp calculations and rankings and email the results to each of you within a couple days each week. If you have an iphone or droid there are apps to keep score. I use a free app on the iphone called "archery score free". You can email me your score directly from the app immediately after completing the shoot. I would also request from those that are able to attach to the email a photo of the target face with the score and date ( (02/01, 02/08, 02/15, 02/22, 02/29, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21)) for the shoot. Eventually I would like this to be on a format where everyone can see everything. If you do not have capabiltiy to do this. Just send me an email with your score and the date that it is for. (02/01, 02/08, 02/15, 02/22, 02/29, 03/07, 03/14, 03/21)

    On your honor shooting and scoring. Please commit a particular shoot to be scored for the week, prior to shooting it. We will use NFAA/IFAA indoor targets, shot at 20 yards. These targets are blue and white with five rings and x center ring. Actual shooting rules and scoring is listed below in detail. You may shoot 1 spot or five spot targets. (If you need to shoot more than one of your scores within a week period, that is ok. I only ask that you dedicate each score to one of the dates chronologically prior to shooting it. This may be necessary to "get ahead" for weeks that you know you will not physically be able to shoot, but can still submit a score) Shoot with any type equipment you choose, just please use the same throughout the league. (Compound, recurve, long bow, etc.)

    Shooter will shoot 12 ends of five arrows each. Max total score per end is 25. (5x5=25) Max round of 300 points. ( 25x12=300). Everyone will have there score handicapped using the 300 score. There will be no max score with handicap. This means that with handicap a shooter can exceed 300.

    Shooters will be handicapped using the follwing. I will average the highest two scores from the last three rounds shot. This amount will be subtracted from 300. It will then be multiplied by a percentage.
    If your average is under 250 it will be 90%
    If your average is 250-279 it will be 85%
    If your average is 280-300 it will be 80%

    I have researched numerous handicap techniques and have chosen this one. I am aware that there are other methods available.

    The first shoot will be non-competetive, for baseline only.
    The second week I will average the first two shoots
    Third week I will use the highest two scores for average
    Fourth week on, I will use the highest two scores from the last three rounds shot for average.

    example if your last three round scores are 275, 279, 272. I will average the two scores of 274 and 279. This would equal 277.
    I would then multiply 277 by 85% = 235
    Your handicap then for the next round would be 300-235=65
    65 would then be added to your next score.

    The detailed rules are below and I have attached a pic of the targets to be used.

    Any questions, or if you can find anyone else that would like to participate please email me at



    IFAA Indoor Round
    1. Standard Unit
    A Standard Unit shall consist of 6 ends of 5 arrows per end, shot over a distance of 20 yards. Cubs will shoot at a distance of 10 Yards.
    A Round shall consist of two Standard Units.
    2. Targets
    a. The target face shall be 40cm in diameter and shall be a dull blue colour. The spot shall be two white rings with a blue X in the centre ring. All lines that separate the scoring areas shall be white (X-ring is used for tie breakers only)
    b. The bulls-eye shall be 8cm in diameter with 4cm diameter X-ring.
    c. The Tournament Director may allow the archer to use the Indoor 5-spot target which will contain five 16 cm targets on a screened blue surface. A single target will consist of:
    1) A white scoring area of 8.0 cm diameter.
    2) An outer scoring area of 16.0 cm being of a dull blue colour.
    3) Scoring will be: White scoring area: 5 points
    Blue scoring area: 4 points
    4) The targets on the face shall be arranged similar to the number "five dice".
    d. In the case of an archer being allowed to use the Indoor 5-spot target one arrow will be shot at each of the five spots on the target. They may be shot in any sequence. If more than one arrow is shot into the same spot, only the lowest scoring arrow shall be counted.
    International Field Archery Association Book of Rules : 2011-2012 edition 50
    3. Shooting Positions N/A

    4. Shooting Rules
    a. An archer shall stand so that he has one foot on either side of the shooting line.
    b. The time limit per end shall be four minutes.
    5. Scoring
    a. The scoring is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 from the spot out.
    b. In the case of a witnessed bounce-out or an arrow passing completely through the scoring area of the target an archer may shoot another arrow.
    c. Hits on the wrong target will be scored as misses.
    d. When an arrow is dropped while the archer is in the act of shooting, he may shoot another arrow in place of the dropped arrow if the dropped arrow is within 10 feet of the shooting line.
    e. If an archer shoots more than five arrows in an end, only the five arrows of the lower value may be scored.
    International Field Archery Association Book of Rules : 2011-2012 edition 51
    f. If an archer shoots less than five arrows in one end he may shoot his remaining arrows if the omission is discovered before the end is officially completed; otherwise they shall be scored as misses.

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    I'm in. Sent you an email.
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      I hope I'm not too late to play. I just sent you an email.
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