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Which stab setup is this

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  • Which stab setup is this

    Yes I have a question for you guys. Which stokerized stab setup is this. This isn't my bow but would like to set one up on my pulse but not to sure which one to order from stokerized what is the length of each bar and what is it called. Thank you
    Elite J

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    I'm not a big help here, I don't really know much about the Stokerized stuff... I do know that the side bar is an ss-1, and that the thing on the front of the main stab is a "saturn weight".

    Someone more knowledgable on the subject will come along shortly, I'm sure...


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      Looks to be the SS1 and a 10in front stab to me.
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        Yes, that is a ss1 and 10 inch Hunter. If you need any help let me know, can fix you right up!
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