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Need advice on older Elite bows.

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  • Need advice on older Elite bows.

    I would like to ask for some advice/information on the older Elite bows. I've been hunting for 35 years and my local shop which was always Mathews dealer just recently picked up Elite so i now own and shoot an Answer! Although i've been shooting 35 years of my 40 years of life i've never done any target shooting, ie, spots, indoor or 3D. My son who is now 7 has been hunting with a crossbow for a coupble of years now and i just recently got him a regular bow (which he is hooked) and wants to get involved in some other shooting rather in "dads backyard". So my question is what older Elite would make a good "tinker" bow. Something you could play with and buy different cams/mods to get set up for a personal fit. I've looked at the GT500, XLR, Z28 and Tour. I liked the Tour the best but it was brand new and really can't afford to spend that much on a second bow. So of all who like to work on bows and set up different ones just to play with which model and year do you prefer. I'm not looking to shoot in major competitions, really just want something else to play with and use it maybe on a 3D range or indoors locally. I just don't have any knowledge of Elites older models. Thanks for your input.
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    One I always wanted to try was an '06 Elite Energy (8" BH) with 2010 Rev cams.
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      My son shot the Elite Fire for a few years. It is a short draw version of the GTO. He shot it very well and it was very quick even with a lighter set of limbs. They just don't show up much on the classifieds.
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        I recently purchased a 08 XLR. After setting it up correctly, it shoots very well and I think is an excellent all-round Elite. I recommend it.


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          06 Energy, can't get better, oh and per chance I have one for sale ; )
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            the E500 is still one of my favorite bows


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              You can see from my signature that I love the older bows. I have 13 Elites, none older than 2008. To me, the SynergyXT is one of the best all round bows Elite has made. Smooth draw, plenty of speed and very accurate. Another good choice is the GTO which I like better than the GT500 (though many would disagree). The great thing about the older bows is they carry a new bow warranty and are affordable. Honestly, you could not go wrong with any of them.
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                Originally posted by TX Rattlesnake View Post
                One I always wanted to try was an '06 Elite Energy (8" BH) with 2010 Rev cams.
                You would like it. Another is the XXL with the EFX cams.

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