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  • Fletch to Cable Distance

    How far do you guys keep your cables from your fletch? What do you think the distance is? 1/8...3/16 of an inch...Somewhere around there. Does anyone know what the Elite set up distance is, with the straight post. Just curious what others think theyre gap is...
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    As close as possible without making contact is the best. Some folks torque the bow more and will need more distance. With the Tilt-Tamer you can dial it in to where the cable is just off the arrow shaft with the Mini Vanes.
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      I just put the bent rod on my Pure and adjusted it over so with cock vane (2" Duravanes) at about 2 o'clock, I have about 1/16" clearance. So far it seems to be shooting great and my arrow is a bit more in line with my sight.
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