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    I am on the verge of buying a new Answer. I shoot 29@65 with a 400 grain arrow. What real world arrow speeds am i looking at and how much will the speed mods add? I tried one last week black with max-1 limbs and I can't get it out of my mind. I really did not want to hand it back to the shop owner. I have had the Omen and Evo past couple of years and want a change, but the speed thing is nagging at me. I know speed is not everything, but a little is always appreciated. I think it is cool how Pete is on the forum and that tells alot about him and his company. Thanks in advance for any replies, they are appreciated. Great forum.

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    Can't give you much help on your question, but welcome to the forum!!
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      Should see close to 295-300 with smooth mods. add 10 with the speeds. And personally I believe the speeds are way easier then the Omen with the same draw weight. But thats just an opinion. check them out with the shops chrony.
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        Wecome to the Forum and you will not regret buying an Answer!!!! Speed mods made a huge difference on my speeds.