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    I'm thinking about putting a new set on my Pure. After a year of hard shooting, the stock strings have got a pretty good amount of fuzz where the cables go through the cable slide, and the string is fuzzing up pretty good around the peep. I'm not sure why it's doing this, as the bow's specs are spot on and I've kept the string waxed really well with the scorpion liquid wax.

    Who's known for making a good set for Elite bows? Also, does anybody have a recommendation on a replacement cable slide for the bow? I was thinking about putting a new slide on it with the new string because I think the slide is contributing to the cables fuzzing as bad as they are. Thanks guys.

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    Hove Custom Strings makes great strings for Elites. You wont have problems with serving seperation once you get a set of Hove's. And they are $60 tyd for a set. PM me if you are interested. You can see more about Hove strings thru the link in my signature. :beer:

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      I have a set of Bluff Country bow strings on the way for my Z, hes really reasonably priced and his strings look amazing.

      I will be keeping an eye on this for info on a new slide, as I too will be replacing my slide when changing strings. Ive never been a fan of Elite's slide, have changed it when replacing stock strings on each elite ive owned thus far....have used Alpine Mach 5 slides in the past, but have been contemplating other choices.
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        Twisted Archer (on here at AT) and 60X (on AT) have both made strings for my Pure and they have both been awesome sets and I've had no problem w/either...both would be highly suggested to check out...

        Cable slide suggestions...either the white Simms tephlon slide or a Hoyt stock cable slide...the Hoyt is nice cause you don't need to remove the slide to pop the cables in/out...No seams on either to wear the cables out...

        Good luck.
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          TA would get my vote . I've never heard anyone complain about his strings . Top shelve ! He's also a forum member . Gotta support your Elite brother ya know .
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            Twisted Archer for sure.....he has a sale right now!


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              Many good ones out there these days, I have been using vaportrail for the last years and love them, great people to deal with. You will have them in a couple pf days also.

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                I just got a set from twisted archer and they look amazing, Jamie really knows elites. Have also had good work done by stage1 and proline.
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                  Mr. Twisted Archer would be my pick as well. Jamie is an artist, he eats, sleeps, and breaths archery!


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                    Worlds best, Twisted archer, Heart of thumb all excellant string makers.
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