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    I just bought my first smartphone yesterday, a LG Enlighten, and I'm trying to find some nift case/cover for it, hunting/archery related. Any ideas? and if you know of any places with some free wallpapers or apps, let me know

    I wonder if anyone has made a mount yet, would be neat to utilize the video recording capabilities for my hunts.
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    yes they have the guy who makes fire nocks I believe should be in the manufacture/service corner orequipment corner
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      There is a sticky in the Off Topic session with some cool wallpapers. I'm using them on my smartphone. Here's a link for the sticky. I right clicked, saved the picture, emailed it to my phone and then set it as wallpaper.
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        Check this mount buddy has one and I'm thinking I need one too....
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          Somebody told me here on EF that there is a sound meter app. I'm thinking about buying a sound meter to test the sound level of my bows and see what the decibel levels come in at.


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            Originally posted by pbuck View Post
            Check this mount buddy has one and I'm thinking I need one too....

            I saw one of these on Friday. It is very nice and reasonably priced.

            As for apps, the Scout Look is a great app if you hunt multiple stands or properties. Or if you just like gadgets!
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