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??? Shooting a 70# bow turned down to low 60's

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  • ??? Shooting a 70# bow turned down to low 60's

    I hunt elk once a year, but spend most of my hunting white tails, and would like to use a 70# bow maxed out for elk and turned down to about 60-62 for white tails.
    What are the downsides of shooting a bow turned down that much?

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    I think that over time its bad on the limbs.
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      I feel bows are more efficient at their max draw than their minimum DW. But it should not be an issue for putting an arrow into a whitetail.
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        My 70# Aigil dialed down to 62 or so shoots like a dream. There are no downsides as long as you leave enough thread in the limb bolts to give purchase.
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          Only problems is the draw length grows as you turn them down and the letoff and valley shorten. Elite bows have plenty of letoff most models so its not that big of deal.

          Ive been shooting a 70lb Pure set at 61 all this year. I have other limbs and another bow. but for some reason this one is working for tighter groups.

          Its not harder on the limbs because less load, and pockets are still supporting the limbs. JMO!
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            not a problem at all
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              Shouldn't be a problem other than re-sighting and the little adjustment/fine tuning that happens with the change. I would typically adjust draw weight 3 times a year. I'd start in summer with lower weight to get form down and build strength and memorey. I'd increase to max when form was down and strength built up. I hunt for about 3 months but during season I end up not shooting that often so at Thanksgiving I'd lower poundage to help compensate for loosing strength, and colder weather. Now I just switch bows as I've gone to multiple bows but generally set up the same.