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Lets Talk Rests.. If You Could Pick One

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  • Lets Talk Rests.. If You Could Pick One

    Which Rest would that be. reliability, and containment will be the key here.. and no whisker biskits please, and im even half tempted to say no limbdrivers as well

    Im talking Drop-A-WAYSSS

    Ill be going from a G5 Expert II to something..

    so what will it be

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    Huh, what dont you like about the expert II. I love mine. Ya its not a full containment, but the arrow never hops off it anyway.
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      Have used nothing but the Trophy Taker Pronghorn for years. Simple and easy, accurate and all steel.
      OK-Archery DST 40, 09 Elite Z28, Vortex binos 15X50 Vipers , Carter releases, Trophy Taker rests, Vapor Trail strings, Custom Bow Equipment sights, Goldtip arrows. B Stinger Stabilizers. Slick Tricks


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        Limbdriver with the Sims arrow holder.
        Elite E35, LimbDriver Pro V, BG Ascent, BE Carnivore 350


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          I Have absolutely nothing against my expert II its been great, want containment this time around..


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            Well Nags I know you said no limbdriver, but that is my vote and has been for years. I use the containment blade and reverse it to run off my bottom limb. I totally understand full containment if you are chasing ELK and calling and such. But for my style of hunting the LD with those few enhancements fits the bill.

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              WHISKER!!!! Best rest of all time. PERIOD!!!!!
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                QAD-HD or HDX for me


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                  NAP Apache....if money was no object, QAD HDX


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                    Of all the rests downcable operated, the QAD, IMO, takes the least pressure to pull up, rotate, whatever you wanna call it. Also has been very dependable for me. Best I've had so far. QAD HD


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                      QAD HDx gets my vote. I had the Ripcord code red on my last bow, which was also fantastic, but the QAD doesn't drop during slow letdown.
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                      HHA DS-5519, QAD HDX, Stokerized 10" Hunter
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                        Anyone shoot a trophy taker xtreme fc on their elites?

                        I have an oppurtunity to trade for a brand new extreme fc toploader for my elite stab..

                        Im kinda leaning towards a QAD so hesitant to pull the trigger on the TT, but its cash I wont have to spend.

                        any info on the TT extreme FC guys?


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                          Originally posted by chesnut oak View Post
                          QAD-HD or HDX for me
                          HDX for me. Tried most and this one is the best I have tried.

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                            really whats the difference between the QAD HD and HDx


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                              because their is a huge price difference between the two