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8190 Strings from Breathn

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  • 8190 Strings from Breathn

    I got my strings in from Breathn yesterday and installed them today.

    I timed and synced my cams everything fell into place real nicely.

    I was shooting ~295 before with some 60X strings I got on the bow, I'm guessing they were 24 strands of 452x.

    I had the opportunity to chrono my bow after I installed the new strings and I'm consistantly reading a 5 FPS gain with.....shhhhh....24 strands of 8190. 299-301 FPS.

    My bow's pretty quiet, if not the same than more than before.

    Thanks goes out to Breathn for the great string sets! Just thought you guys would want to hear some results of the new material.

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    What are your cables made of? 8190 also??

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      Hopefully Elite approves these strings. Sounds like they are nice and perform well.
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        Yes sir.

        Also forgot to mention my bow.

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          Also, ~330 grain arrow.


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            Did they come with speed nocks already installed? If so were they spot on as far as measuring from axle to first speed nock?
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              He did install speed nocks with shrink tubing.

              I'm not sure the diminsions and the distances the speed nocks need to be, but all I had on the other set was a bowjax string sleeve on each side ~16 grains a piece.

              He put 4 nocks and the shrink tubing on each side, I'm assuming he knows where to put them to maximize your speed. Just a guess.


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                John makes the nicest strings I've ever seen, truly a work of art.
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                  X2 on johns custom strings,,,, John makes some awesome stuff!
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