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Easton Carbon Shaft ?

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  • Easton Carbon Shaft ?

    stop by dick's to day and seem they had a sale on easton carbon 400 EASTON RAIDER 400
    1/2 doz for $22.00 any one have any info on the shafts seem it could be no longer made older model discontinue
    I though for that price set up the bow for target shooting how can you go wrong
    I will keep the Beman ICU 400 for hunting;I will have to call easton on Tuesday and see what grain are these arrows I shoot the beman 400 at 8.4 GPi and total weight shaft at 244
    can't seem to find the GPI on the easton shaft or there web page just say on the package 55-70 (400)
    I like to here what is needed to cut the carbon shafts any one have a post on a homemade jig set-up
    My max bow weight on the Matin saber is 53 lbs at 29" arrow draw

    I have a few high speed carbon wheels air tools in the shop