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  • Ringtail's Trivia Thread

    Whenever I get the hankering, I'm going to post up on different things, you may or may not know about. If you desire to do the same, go for it....more trivial the better. Enjoy....


    Today, we're going to learn about Puff Adders.

    Known as Bitis arietans to those with pocket protectors, the puff adder is found throughout the continent of Africa, and is considered by some to be the most wide spread snake on the continent. It is found from the South African velds, the central grasslands, all the way to the tropical rainforests of the Ivory Coast, and on to the fringes of the Sahara Desert & most of the Arabian Penisula.

    Due to it's wide distribution, very common occurence, and a extremely bad temper, puff adders are responsible for more snake fatalies than any other snake in Africa. And the snakes willingness to bite and habit of staying put when approached, doesn't help.

    The average length is 30 to 36 inches, but have been found up to 70 inches and nearly 13 pounds in weight.

    The color patterns vary from geographical region to the next, and it's camoflage is about perfect.

    Normally a sluggish creature, being cold blooded and needing to warm itself, it frequents paths and walkways, were unobservant women and children step on it. Their lighter weight, makes it harder for the snake to sense footfall vibration, then it's too late.

    The puff adder moves primarily through rectilinear movement, but can resort to typical serpentine movement when agitated or frightened. Given it's size and weight, it is still a good climber and swimmer, found sometimes sunning, in low hanging trees.


    The name comes from the constant hissing sound the snake emits, when coiled. The snake brings a third of it's body into a very tight "S" coil, to which it's springs it self out with surprising speed and power. It's fangs are able to penetrate soft boot leather.

    It's venom, if not quickly counteracted and treated carefully can cause necrosis. Which is a nasty condition where tissue and muscle separates from healthy tisse, causing terrible infections and possible gangrene. Horrible scarring and possible limb loss is common.

    The puff adder gives birth to 40-80 offspring, with one kept in a Czech zoo, once giving birth to 156 young. The most of any snake ever recorded.

    Throughly, an amazing snake.....

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    they killed two of my favorite meerkats dang it!!
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      Very nice kevin. Thanks. Keep them coming.


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        Holy Crap, would you look at the fangs on that sucker!!!
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          Good lord I'm glad they don't have poisonous snakes up north!! Oh we may have a few timber rattlers but they're very rare and I've never seen one, thank God!!
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            How big were the biggest bears to ever live....?? Pretty big.....

            Giant Short Faced Bear (Arctodus simus)

            That'll be the Giant Short Faced Bear (Arctodus simus), the largest carnivorous land mammal to ever live. It lived here in North America from around 800,000BC to 10,000BC, ranging from Mexico to the most Northern fringes of the continent.

            They differed from the Cave Bear by having a smaller head, along with a shorter snout, and exceptionally long legs for running. And at the same time growing quite a bit larger.

            At the shoulder, a large male stood 5 1/2 to 6 feet high, and on it's hind legs alone, towered over 10 feet. Measuring around 10" feet long and around 1600 to 1900 pounds, it knew few foes.

            Carbon analysis of Arctodus bones show high concentrations of an isotope called nitrogen-15, which is fancy nerd talk for, this is evidence that he was strictly a meat-eater, never ingesting vegetation.

            Hence, it's long legs for pacing great distances, and height to sniff the wind currents. The large bears lived mainly as scavengers just like the T-Rex did, driving smaller carnivores, like smaller bears, wolves and sabertooth tigers from their kills. And at the same time, they were capable of pulling down a variety of early hoofed game that were aged, sick or lame.

            Too bad, he's not around to hunt in today's world....


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              Could you imagine how high you'd have to be in your climber for that bear not to just grab your leg? HOLY MOLY!


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                I hate snakes.


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                  Originally posted by bowhunter View Post
                  I hate snakes.
                  You know the celebration of Saint Patrick's Day, is about remembering the day, when Patty drove all snakes and the Devil from Ireland. Hence, no snakes are to be found on the island.


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                    While we're learning of large extinct about the biggest deer ever....

                    The Irish Elk (Megaloceros giganteus)

                    In time where Woolly Mammoths, Woolly Rhinos, and the like, roamed the lightly wooded plains and steppes that covered Eurasia, they shared their open space with the largest antlered game ever. This massive deer had a very expansive range, from Ireland to Siberia....and as far back as 400,000BC, til the time they disappeared, around 9,000BC.

                    The Irish Elk should nearly 7 feet at the shoulder, and weighed around 1600 to 1800 pounds on average. Their massive antlers spanned nearly 12 feet and could have weighed up to 90 pounds. Huge, by any standards.

                    The Natural History Musuem of Dublin, has an exceptionally large collection of Irish Elk remains. And if you ever venture over there, be sure to stop by and see them.

                    Maybe it's a good thing, the Irish Elk isn't around anymore....most of us would need a bigger house for our mounts.


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                      The Best Dadgum Sandwich Ever
                      --The Muffuletta --

                      If you ever happen to venture to the French Quarter in New Orleans, you owe it to yourself to try the best dadgum sandwich ever made. In a little grocery store, back in 1906 an Italian immigrant, Salvatore Lupo, created sheer genius. He created the muffuletta.

                      The muffuletta, consists of a flattened, round Italian bread loaf split in half, on which a marniated olive salad is spread. Then layers of capiocola ham, salami, the most fantastic sausage ever called mortadella, Swiss emmental cheese and provolone. The olive salad consists of olives, celery, cauliflower and carrots. It is mixed along with some secret seasonings and olive oil, then allowed to marinate over night.

                      When you step in, you know you're in good hands...and lunch time is very busy, so stagger your time.

                      A half is all any normal person can eat...a whole will stuff two people. I promise.

                      You owe it to yourself to try this, I have tried others, some local, some very good, but this is the original and the best. Enjoy....
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                        I love my homemade muffuletta, but I'd like to try the original!
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